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Book Reviews : Cross-Cultural Last Updated: 25 Mar. 2008 - 7:18:47 PM

Posted in: Cross-Cultural
Emics and Etics, The Insider/Outsider Debate edited by Thomas N Headland, Kenneth L Pike and Marvin Harris - 17 Aug. 2004 - 11:40:00 AM
There is an interesting debate amongst anthropologists on the relative importance of emics and etics. Harris and Pike are the people who first developed these concepts, so their discussions are of the greatest importance.
Posted in: Cross-Cultural
Greg Urban Metaculture, How Culture Moves through the World - 17 Aug. 2004 - 11:34:00 AM
Greg Urban has published an interesting discussion on the role of metaculture.
Posted in: Cross-Cultural
Culture and Organization Software of the Mind by Geert Hofstede - 8 Sep. 2003 - 4:53:00 PM
A Review of Hofstede's classic work on cross-cultural values.
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